PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly is the process of soldering electronic components onto bare boards. Electronic components installed on the bare board can be through-hole and/or surface mount (SMT). 

If the assembly has both, it is sometimes referred to as a high-mix printed circuit board. PCB assembly is one segment of the electronic manufacturing process.

Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Team

Because we specialize in prototyping and product development, we’ve cultivated the skills and equipment needed for small production runs. We can produce two-layer prototype boards in-house. We can rapidly populate boards with SMT components. And we can design and build test fixtures.   

Within every single electronic device used today, there’s a printed circuit board (PCB) that makes it operate. The PCB is the heart of electronic devices.  

We cater to the tailored requirements of our clients whether their needs are a quick turnaround prototype or small run PCB assembly with our expert craftsmanship. 

Our expertise makes the electronic manufacturing process smooth and stress-free. 

We are committed to fulfilling your PCB assembly requirements with high quality standards and quick turnaround time! 

Our team of experts in PCB assembly services take care of our customers across diverse industries.

What We Offer

As a leading printed circuit board assembly manufacturer, Paladin Robotics uses advanced technology circuits to take control of the complete process of PCB assembly services. 

We will deliver what you want within the appropriate time. We give you the best quality and guarantee of products and services. When you partner with us, we do everything possible to make sure your assemblies are completed to your specifications. 

Our PCB assembly services include:

  • Small production runs of prototype PCBs
  • Assemble and Test
  • Transition to turnkey manufacturing 

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