Agricultural technology, or Agritech, describes the use of technology in agriculture, aquaculture, and horticulture to help improve efficiency, yield, and profitability. 

Our Agritech Team

At Paladin Robotics, we focus on the delivery of research, development, demonstration, and training on precision agriculture and engineering within various agriculture sectors. Pioneering innovation, technology, and precision engineering in farming for increased productivity, profits, and sustainable growth.

What We Offer

Paladin Robotics provides a one stop shop for Agritech research. 

Automation and robotics will have a wide impact on the agriculture sector in the future, replacing humans in menial tasks, simultaneously creating higher skilled jobs attractive to different people. 

Data capture and processing will allow growers to have far more visibility of their growing crops, providing information for better decision making on targeted interventions of irrigation, fertilizer, Agro-chemicals, and labor resources, which will enhance financial and environmental farm businesses and assist the drive towards more green solutions in the agricultural sector.

Why We’re the Agritech Firm of Choice

Our goal is to support the development and growth of innovative solutions to help agriculture businesses become more sustainable and profitable.

We provide scientifically robust and commercially viable solutions to improve productivity and sustainability within the agriculture system using cutting-edge precision technologies, robotics, autonomous solutions, and engineering. 

We offer our clients innovative and customized solutions in agricultural consulting, engineering, installation, and supplies. So that their projects become a reality, including R&D expertise.

Our Agritech engineering services include:

  • Experience developing systems for soil, air, and livestock applications
  • Understanding of the difficult challenges of agricultural environments
  • A core library of hardware and software to help us rapidly build a custom solution for you.
  • Hand-on experience with farming and agricultural research
  • All of our engineering expertise in robotics, mechatronics and electrical engineering

We can help guarantee that your project complies with high quality, health, environmental, food safety and social responsibility standards. Contact us today and learn more about what we have to offer.

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