New Product Introduction

Creating a new product means managing a ton of moving parts simultaneously ensuring your team is communicating effectively, so the design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing stages go as smoothly as possible. 

It’s a lot to keep track of, especially if you’re trying to manage ongoing daily business operations. 

Using an end-to-end approach, Paladin Robotics goes beyond the traditional scope and supports viable designs enabling customer products to be assembled quickly, in a cost-effective way, with increased quality. 

What We Offer

Our consultants are experienced professionals with many years working in diverse industries, tackling the kind of challenges you face every day. They understand your difficulties and a need for solutions that fit your unique opportunities and constraints.

Paladin Robotics is a product development firm that helps individuals and corporations with product development and supports products to market.

We help our customers optimize products for program goals such as cost, time to market, and quality.

Why We’re the Firm of Choice

We work with projects across various industries and bring you real world experiences. At Paladin, we have created a systematic Design for Excellence approach to identify potential problems in the product while still in the design process. 

Our Design for Excellence approach focuses on manufacturability, assembly, testing, and service. 

We identify possible problems and suggest alternative solutions to better fit and minimize the complexity of the different manufacturing, assembly, and test processes, components selection, number of components, and modules. 

Our new product introduction services include:

Design For Excellence

  • Design evaluation for manufacturability, assembly, test, and service
  • Early risk identification and mitigation
  • Optimization for program goals such as cost, time to market, and quality

Manufacturing Liaison – Domestic and Global

  • Manufacturing partner selection and management
  • Client/partner incentive alignment on cost and quality
  • Manufacturing test strategy and implementation
  • Tooling development
  • Capacity planning, line design, and bring-up
  • Onsite presence to support new and existing vendor relationships
  • Assembly instructions and training

Product Definition and Documentation

  • Specifications and drawings for components, parts, and assemblies
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) release and change control
  • Service and user manual

Supply Chain Management and Engineering

  • Procurement support: circuit boards, off-the-shelf parts, custom parts
  • Sourcing for prototype builds and high volumes
  • Costing analysis and optimization

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