Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing involves taking raw materials and using them to craft a part or component. A company may manufacture springs from hardened steel. Assembly is the process of taking parts, often made by manufacturing, and arranging them in a specified way.

What We Offer

Paladin Robotics can help you solve your tough small-run manufacturing challenges with mechanical and electrical contract manufacturing and assembly services. Spend less time managing the hassles of production and focus more time on growing your business. Our experienced contract manufacturing technicians provide custom flexible manufacturing solutions including electrical and mechanical assembly and sub-assembly, precision cutting, and metal processing and finishing services to improve production efficiency, control costs, and eliminate waste.

Manufacturing & Services We Offer:

  • Assembly & Sub-assembly
  • Precision Cutting
  • Metal Processing & Finishing
  • Metal Forming & Bending
  • Injection Molding

Why We’re the Manufacturing and Assembly Firm of Choice

We specialize in small-run, on-demand manufacturing. In addition to know-how, we’re well-equipped with all the hardware, software and machinery needed to produce prototypes as quickly as the same day. Anything we can’t produce ourselves can be quickly produced with our partners and vendors. We use that same capability to provide manufacturing and assembly services.

Skilled Workforce

Paladin Robotics augments your workforce with skilled and experienced technicians, eliminating the need to attract, hire, and train new employees so you can save time and money, and scale with your production demand.

Production Space

Outsourcing your assembly or sub-assembly project instantly increases your production footprint without needing a capital-intensive investment like building, buying, or leasing additional facility space.

Production On-Demand Scheduling

When your customer’s demands change your production needs Paladin Robotics’ flexible scheduling will allow you to dial up or dial down production volume quickly. Paladin Robotics will build your product the way you want it and deliver your products quicker, from right here in the US.

Capitalize on Market Opportunities

Develop newer, faster, and better technologies with your trusted team of in-house technicians while delegating the complicated assembly of your products and technologies to MSI.

Fixed Per-Unit Pricing

Every manufacturer is challenged with controlling production labor costs. MSI’s fixed per-unit pricing virtually eliminates this fluctuation, flattens costs, and saves you money.

Made In America

A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Paladin Robotics is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA fully operates in the United States. We assemble and deliver your products quickly and efficiently from right here in the US. Your customers will notice and appreciate the difference.

Flexible End-to-End Manufacturing Services

Choosing to outsource your assembly and supply chain challenges to a trusted USA-based contract manufacturer provides you with the confidence of knowing that your products are shipped on time and with the quality your customers expect.

Consistent Quality Control

Our highly skilled team follows our work instructions and quality management system to meet your requirements. Avoid costly product returns and meet customer expectations with our defect-free guarantee on all finished products. If MSI causes the defect, MSI credits you 100%.

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