Custom Equipment

As its name implies, custom equipment is built specifically for your company and its processes. Custom machines can perform tasks endlessly without slowing down, tiring, or taking a break. Custom equipment solutions are often ideal for dull, dirty, dangerous or detailed tasks and can outperform human workers on many tasks suitable for automation.

What We Offer

Paladin Robotics provides end-to-end design and consulting services for custom equipment manufacture. Our expertise in prototyping extends to custom equipment building. We have in-house capability to develop hardware, software, parts and equipment in plastic and metal and to conduct small-run manufacturing. We work with a wide range of materials, processes and technologies. 

Why We’re the Custom Equipment Firm of Choice

Paladin Robotics combines a rare set of capabilities to produce custom factory automation of all types. Paladin Robotics experience includes custom machinery for packaging, assembly, materials handling, inspection, robots, lean cells, and vision systems. Component parts are manufactured in a state-of-the-art machining facilities and on-staff mechanical and electrical technicians assemble and test the equipment. Paladin Robotics serves a variety of industries.

Everything You Need in One Place

Paladin Robotics provides complete services including design, build, test and debug, installation, training and documentation of custom automation systems.

Experience & Breadth of Knowledge

Our education and experience places us in the top 2% of engineering firms for developing prototypes. We have all the skills needed to rapidly assimilate knowledge of new technologies and apply them to produce new products.

Well-Equipped & Connected

In addition to know-how, we’re also well-equipped with all the hardware, software and machinery needed to produce prototypes as quickly as the same day. Anything we can’t produce ourselves can be quickly produced with our partners and vendors.

Project Management and Risk Mitigation

Few companies can match our ability to identify and manage risk. Our proven systems and processes allow us to accurately manage our resources with even the most complex custom machinery projects, ensuring you receive deliveries when promised.

All Project Sizes

From simple, two-piece assemblies or single-process machinery (such as inspection equipment) all the way to large, multiple-piece assemblies with multiple complex processes – we can handle everything you need.

Our Custom Equipment services include:

  • Assembly machines – Designed and engineered for the highest piece-part quality and efficiency, these machine speeds can range in output from 30 to 1,200 parts/minute.
  • Testing machines – From leak/flow and pressure decay tests to force and strain testing, we can deliver an automated solution that meets your requirements.
  • Inspection Machines – We bring high-level capabilities in vision as well as conventional inspection methods to check for accurate assembly dimension, missing components and misshaped piece parts.
  • Integrated Process Machines – We can integrate numerous processes, such as die cutting, fluid dispensing, ink jet marking, hot stamping, orientation, labeling, sonic welding and more.
  • Ongoing support – training, consultation and other support to ensure you get the most from your custom automation machinery.
  • Bench Assembly –  Do you have a product that you are trying to bring to market that may not require a fully automated solution?

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